Country ride


* 1 hour/40€

If you are looking for a fun time,  for your kids and family this is the right choice!

*Suitable for kids from 3 years old

*up to 3 kids/adults a ride

*each child must be accompanied by an adult

If you have already some experience riding horses and you want to see Portugal's beautiful countryside on horse back, this is the ride for you.
With amazing views of the south coast and possibilities for trot and canter this will be a unique adventure!

* up to 3 riders


Children's and Beginner walk

* 30 min/25€

Advanced country ride

* 1,5 hours/60€

Enjoy the beauty of the natural park Costa Vicentina.


*up to 4 riders





Lake ride

*2 hours/75€

​After a stunning ride through the hills, valleys and the wonderful scented eucalyptus woods, we reach a beautiful natural lake in the middle of the natural park Costa Vicentina. Here we let our horses graze and have a little break. On the return, sandy paths coax you in to a gallop, if the rider already has a lot experience.

* up to 3 riders


beach ride


Do you dream of galloping along a windswept, deserted beach? An exhilerating wild west coast beach ride awaits you! We can organize the ride depending on your riding level​

only in low saison with 2 riders



 our friends carry no more than 70kg

For more information or booking please contact us at algarvehorseriding@hotmail.com or use the contact form.

Winterspezial:  november to march 5€ discount on every ride!