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Country ride


1 hour/50€

If you are looking for a fun time, this is the right choice!

*Suitable for kids from 3 years old

*up to 4 kids/adults a ride

*each child under 5 years, must be accompanied by an adult​​​

Advanced country lakeride


2 hours/90€

​After a stunning ride through the hills, valleys and the wonderful scented eucalyptus woods, we reach a beautiful natural lake in the middle of the natural park Costa Vicentina. Here we let our horses graze and have a little break. On the return, sandy paths coax you in to a gallop, if the rider already has a lot experience.

* up to 2 riders


beginners first touch


30 minutes/25€

A beautiful first experience with a horse or for small kids, 

up to 4 pax

 our friends carry no more than 75kg

For more information or booking please contact us at or use the contact form.

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